OSX as a vm in Fusion

I got the 10.4.10 vmware appliance for some testing (find it on the torrent search sites) – works like a charm under VMware Fusion (v1.1) on my MBP. The cool thing about it is that it fires up just like a new install of OS X (Welcome prompts for user info etc) – so for all intents it is a clean install vm.

I’ll be testing the Avamar client for OS 10.4 tomorrow – we really need one for 10.5 but that is apparently some time off before we’ll see it (like the RHEL5 client!)….so I’ll be using the 10.4 guest as a guinea pig. All my macs that I can access are all on Leopard – so I’ve gotta resort to the vm method.

Good on the guy who made the vm appliance anyway. Champion effort.

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