VLAN groups for fwsm and ace on 6513

With the data centre move, I took the opportunity to clean up some of the 6513 config which had got out of control.

The original groupings looked all over the place:

svclc vlan-group 1 27,28,40,76
svclc vlan-group 2 44,45,48
svclc vlan-group 42 42
svclc vlan-group 43 43
svclc vlan-group 400 402
svclc vlan-group 427 427,428
svclc vlan-group 500 527,528,544,545,548
svclc vlan-group 600 612,614,618,620,621,622,623,624,625,626,628,632,636,699
svclc vlan-group 602 602
svclc vlan-group 700 720,721,724,725,732
svclc vlan-group 990 996,997
svclc vlan-group 999 9,999
svclc module 2 vlan-group 2,43,400,427,500,600,602,700,999,
firewall module 1 vlan-group 1,42,427,428,600,990,999,

….YUK. However I decided to break the FWSM and ACE’s visible vlans into groups with more meaning; specifically:

Group 1 = specific to FWSM
Group 2 = common to both
Group 3 = specific to ACE

In the end the config gets cleaned up and looks like:

svclc vlan-group 1 27,28,40,42,76,612,614,618,622,623,626,628,636,699,996,997
svclc vlan-group 2 9,427,428,620,621,624,625,632,999
svclc vlan-group 3 43,44,45,48,402,527,528,544,545,548,602,720,721,724,725,732

firewall module 1 vlan-group 1,2
svclc module 2 vlan-group 2,3

…much better ! A few of the other commands that got me out of a few dramas:

firewall autostate
firewall multiple-vlan-interfaces
svclc autostate
svclc multiple-vlan-interfaces

(The autostate command helps the devices track the loss of an access link).

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