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Cisco ACE log bug

That old chestnut – the weird ace log issue – now has a bug ID ! (CSCso15332). It only appears to happen if the rservers are offline in the original context. Bizarre.

Here is what Cisco has said on the matter:


The customer was using the same syslog host in two contexts, had configured http and https probes in both contexts, and was logging probe failures in both contexts. The rservers in the second context were unavailable when the issue began; later, those rservers became available and the inappropriate logging ceased.



Further Problem Description:

The customer experienced this problem for approximately ten days sproadically on one rserver. Even during that period there were at most a moderate (20 to 30) number of messages a day.

Cisco ACE – weird log entry

I’ve logged a call a few days ago with Cerulean (hopefully it will make it to the TAC) regarding a strange log entry I am seeing in version 6.3 of the ACE software. A health probe is failing, however the target server is not actually defined in the context in which the probe resides. (It actually resides in a different context – so it should not be ‘seen’ by this probe).

There’s no reference to this server in the context in question, yet the probe thinks it is. In any case, I hope the TAC will let us know whats going on. It isn’t affecting production, just a weird thing which I hope isn’t a sign of something more sinister.

Update: The TAC got back to me; they are equally baffled. They’ve got all the details they need and are trying to find out what’s going on.