Cisco ACE – weird log entry

I’ve logged a call a few days ago with Cerulean (hopefully it will make it to the TAC) regarding a strange log entry I am seeing in version 6.3 of the ACE software. A health probe is failing, however the target server is not actually defined in the context in which the probe resides. (It actually resides in a different context – so it should not be ‘seen’ by this probe).

There’s no reference to this server in the context in question, yet the probe thinks it is. In any case, I hope the TAC will let us know whats going on. It isn’t affecting production, just a weird thing which I hope isn’t a sign of something more sinister.

Update: The TAC got back to me; they are equally baffled. They’ve got all the details they need and are trying to find out what’s going on.

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