Riverbed vs WAAS … part one

I’ve been re-visiting the whole Riverbed vs Cisco WAAS situation again. We have a few WAAS appliances and modules in production, and they do the job – for now. I am concerned about the scalability of their solution and it is my opinion that Riverbed has the edge here and in other areas – except price. I’m not one to really care about price usually because I am more concerned with the outcome – but sure it is a consideration for the business. Hence, I’ve gone back to have a look at it all again.

Watch the Riverbed video here

It is impressive stuff. Cisco has the edge on price – but not much else. Riverbed is a clear winner when it comes to ease of deployment, scalability and technology. I’ll come back and justify my comments with some data soon.

4 thoughts on “Riverbed vs WAAS … part one

    1. Cameron Post author

      Yeah – I’ve been slack on the updates. Long story short – Cisco WAAS stays and the new 4.1 version of the software is an improvement. In my opinion the Riverbed is better but sometimes other factors (eg $) come into the company’s decision process. So far, the WAAS has not failed us; but I strongly urge full evaluation testing of either vendor to make sure the right one is suitable for your environment.


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